Why you should work with me (if you’re a designer or an agency)

While I’m a graphic designer myself and love designing websites, I also develop sites I did not design myself. And I enjoy that just as much. You might enjoy it too, for the following reasons.

Working with a developer who knows design

Say you’ve developed a brand identity and designed a brochure and have a good idea of what the website should look like, even if you don’t have the latest tools or master all the nuances in good UX. To get that idea translated to the web, you need a developer who understands design. Someone who gets the essence of your visual language and can fill in the gaps where the screen dimensions and user interactions don’t correspond 100% to the mockups. As designers, we’ve all experienced how hard it can be to communicate the importance of what might seem a detail to someone who doesn’t understand design. You’ll be much more productive if you work with someone who does.

Working with me

Let's be honest: designer collaborations sometimes can be difficult too. When there’s a misalignment in artistic vision for example. Or when you disagree on who gets the credits. Here’s my take: I don’t need credits for design and I don’t mind doing things differently than I imagine them. I do have opinions (and experience) though, so if our style is really very different or if you need someone to just execute your design without any feedback whatsoever, then we’re probably not a good match. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by having a conversation: philip@bureaumarnef.be.